Curious french digital product designer with more than 7 Years of design experience, I'me passionate about creating meaningful and aesthetic designs for startups by value human connection.

Globaly, my focus is about allowing my clients to achieve growth, visibility, and progress, by building a bridge between brands and their user base.

From an abstract idea to a concrete product.

My focus is to cultivate a human-centric process, with the client as well as the final user. It’s indispensable to define the soul of the client’s project, and include the user story into the reflection process.

All projects starts with the research phase, including exchanges with the client to identify the goals and brakes, and the clients insights.

Then, starts the ideas generation phase, with a clear context and why to answer.

By always keeping in mind the future audience and the big picture, we achieve to suggest pertinent ideas to answer the goal we identified at the start.
Then, bases on the researches we achieve, we can start building a smart product answering the goals, it can be a logo, a website, anything which can help the user to understand the message, and which can provide a friendly experience. Feedback is essential to challenge the ideas and make them grow in a usefull final product.

My goal is not to create for the client and users, but to create with them.

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