Hi, I’m Pauline,
Digital product designer driven by creativity
strategy and transparency.

They trust me

Who am I ?

French digital product designer with more than 7 Years of design experience, I'me passionate about creating meaningful and aesthetic designs for startups by value human connection.

Globaly, my focus is about allowing my clients to achieve growth, visibility, and progress, by building a bridge between brands and their user base.

What do i do ?

Crafting meaningful digital experiences

Creating strong brand visual envirement based on visibility and agility.

Creating meaningfull
and fluid digital experiences,
for mobile users.

Creating responsive designs, optimized for every user devices.

My design process

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Selected projects

Death is what we see waking. What we see in sleep is a dream.

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Each man who periodically casts anchor in language does so to keep touch with his fellow men… and then sets out again alone in the world of his mind.